Winter Flurry
Used by
Jay's Wing
SuperMechaGodzilla, AnguirusFTW2013, Coyote Tango, Romani Tango, Echo Saber, Mechalong, Other Jaegers, Space Battleship Yamato, Jay
Most Kaiju, BirthGoji, RadoGoji , Giant Claw, The Giant Crabs, Ookearya, Dino Getter 1, The Votraak, El Gusano Gigante, Pulgarasi, Goliath, The Tachyons, Scorpicore, Faceless Puppeteer, Inferno DesGhidorah
305 Meters

Winter Flurry is a Thai Mark V Jaeger used by X Jay's Wing X.


Winter has a pretty ruthless personality. She likes to kill kaiju. She's very reckless, which can lead to her downfall if she charges into a tough battle.


Winter killed many kaiju, and was a very successful jaeger. However, she was lost in Antarctica during a mission. She has recently returned.

She helped Coyote Tango fight RadoGoji and BirthGoji. She mostly fought BirthGoji. After Rado left, BirthGoji tried to retreat, but Coyote threw him back, ripping his 2nd brain out. Winter then stabbed him in the first brain, killing him. Coyote then burned and dissolved the body.

Winter then defended Las Vegas from 4 crab monsters and the Giant Claw, along with Romani Tango and the Space Battleship Yamato. After killing one of the crabs, Winter fought the other two, killing them. She was quite injured, but was still able to fight off Ookeayra with help from Romani and Mechalong. Eventually, they pinned the giant octopus down and sliced him to pieces. He then followed Romani to New Jersey to deal with Dino Getter 1.

Much, much later, she fought The Votraak, Pulgarasi, El Gusano Gigante, and Goliath with Jay in San Francisco. After destroying the Vortaak UFOs she was smoking and crashed from the sky. Later, her and Coyote Tango decided to join forces with Neo Kiryu's gang to stop the Tachyons.


  • Has wrist cannons that shoot a cold energy
  • Speed
  • Can hover with a jetpack
  • Can fire a laser from its chest
  • Can absorb most energy attacks
  • Cold-Energy Wrist sword
  • Chainsword
  • Armor
  • Winter's armor can regenerate slowly.
  • Can switch to infared and night vision.
  • Water-Proof
  • Can fire a laser from her Conn-Pod


  • Winter Flurry was the 200th character (not counting deleted ones) to get a page on WZRPW.

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