Do not confuse with WolfMask (Kid).

Such dark thoughts will cripple a man. But only if he lets them. „ 

— WolfMask

Wolf of Salvation, WolfMask
Used by
FoxMask, most of the primary Shadowbloods, SquidMask, FlamingoMask
RyuMask and his gang, those who threaten the Earth
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Future WolfMask (未来のウルフマスク? , Mirai Urufumasuku) (almost always called WolfMask) is a Elite Shadowblood, and a major character of the RPverse.

Front Information

Despite most of his story taking place in a different world, he is indeed a Shadowblood from the main universe. He was a member of a family that only had two children, himself and his older brother FoxMask as they lived together on Duskland.

In progress.





In progress.

Accidental Shifts

At the time being, WolfMask, aged twenty-five was fighting off bandits from his timeline in order to get to his opponents. Wiping them out, before he could get to the last one, he was suddenly warped into a portal by an unknown individual or source. Dropping into a blank white sheet of snow onto his feet, WolfMask looked around the entire area, only to the silence to break from a running fleet of bandits. Similar to his universe, he noticed they were getting slaughtered and was able to figure out the culprit behind it. Already unsure if he was to be an ally or not with this figure, immediately assumed them to be an enemy. With their glasgow-styled smile, they looked similar to a Shadowblood, but their unwelcoming atmosphere forced them to turn their backs, and commence a fight.

Once the fight broke out, it was rather extensive and the two received equal amount of damage sent to them, showing their unique skills until it was called a draw. Standing in the middle of a inflamed forest, the Shadowblood, told him straightforwardly that he wasn't sure to take him as an enemy or not. He then said that if he wasn't an enemy, requested to recruit him in his own troubles, which WolfMask accepted. Not to make sure if he was serious, WolfMask told him that he was. Accepting, the two became allies for a temporary time.

Revealing that he was CoyoteMask, he took WolfMask to his brother FoxMask's homestead, to stay there in case if they would ever need him. Once they arrived at the homestead, the Shadowblood, in turn, met face-to-face with his older sibling FoxMask after the past twenty years they were separated. Surprised, and after a long reunion, WolfMask was eventually welcomed into the inn, living with his brother, his niece Chen, and CoyoteMask.

After so, WolfMask on his alternative has been working to collect the relics that were required to unlock his Syndicate form. Eight in total, collected five and eventually seven. Before he reached them however, heard of the reports of a new sinister organization called the Neo Empire that planned to take over the world, had one of its most powerful comrades take out his brother FoxMask within a short time. In turn, the Shadowblood then grew the aim of attacking his own enemies and then the Neo Empire to put a thwart to their plans, continuing to train and collect the relics.

Meeting Quetzalcoatl - the Female Shadowblood

When WolfMask was gaining good enough energy to consume what he after, was interrupted when riding in the blizzard, braking and sensing energy of a new individual. He learned that this individual, when first seen was indeed a Shadowblood. Surprised, the Shadowblood greeted with this individual, mistaking him for FoxMask, her former boyfriend, called him by his name and knew that he was his brother. Asking who she was, she told him that she was known as "Quet", WolfMask, in reply not finding her name familiar. Before they could carry on, however, they were interrupted by multiple ships of those belonging to Emperor Tazarus, leader of the robotic armada: the Viledrodes. Telling the female Shadowblood to prepare for battle, he referred to her as "busty" as the two waited for the fleets of Viledrodes to drop in. Destroying and defeating them one by one, they fleshed out the entire fleet along with nearly destroying its leader, Jaculum. After the job was done, the two got the chance to get out some information. Ending with Quet asking him if there was any acts to perform, simply telling her back that the world is hers: meaning that there's acts to take care off anywhere and at any time, before the Shadowblood departed back into his quest, leaving the two off. Before the Shadowblood left, however, Quet noted decided to tell him why he knew him: telling him that she was from his universe. Shocked, the Shadowblood left speechless, unknowingly leaving the Shadowblood hybrid - SquidMask to form to Quet.

Striking Back - PT1


Shortly after encountering Quet, the Shadowblood, now practically finished with unlocking his Syndicate form pondered if what he was doing was off-track, feeling as if collecting was "incomplete". Dropping down in a wide sheet of plain snow, was told from above; only to look at what seemed as a frozen sun to focus from the position he was standing in. Confused, he eventually followed from what he was told, the area started to change even more. He was found covered in golden changed, locked in an outside shape that appeared to be a cube. This meant that while he was being isolated, the spiritual energies to themselves connected to the Syndicate form would transfer him the power he needed, as in oppose to collected them himself.

Striking Back - PT2


A month's pass, the Shadowblood's chamber had broken into parts and was released, his belt glowing with the spiritual energies, knowingly obtained his form. With only one goal on his mind: freedom, he used his multiversal device to open a portal to his universe, warping in as the portal closed.

Warping in, the Shadowblood appeared in a burning forest performed by none other than those he's after. Driving off, he appeared in a burning city where it was by the acts of Cavros and Tenj. Shooting Tenj in the chest in his Blaster form, the two located him and fired an energy to suspend him, before he blew it up as the Syndicate form's energy was forced out to do so. A short conversation revolved around them, until WolfMask eventually showed them the Syndicate form, his super form. Frightening those he showed it to, WolfMask quickly annihilated them with the spiritual powers of the Syndicate form, finishing them by infusing both of their exploding bodies into that of a shooting star, enough power to clear the bleak skies. Once as he reverted to his base form, the Shadowblood finally knew that it was over. Twittling their ashes with his fingers, he rode off to the highways, vanishing away.


Some time later, the Shadowblood moved into his mentor's old homestead. Eventually, he left the homestead in decision to stay in the primary universe no longer having to worry what will come in his universe. But without leaving, a note on his grave of thanks to what he taught him and staying there with him when he needed it, knowing that if he didn't have him long enough before his death, things would have been vaguely different.

Forming a Home

Now returning to the primary universe, the Shadowblood arrived in a largely surplus of a grassland, followed by forests and eventually the woods. Finding that this was a good spot, the Shadowblood built a large log cabin in the grasslands, living there alone. Eventually he built a small dojo not too far from the cabin, that dojo being where to train. Everyone he knew from the primary universe was unaware he was here, but, not after long that someone came back to him.

A figure shortly after knocked on the door on WolfMask's cabin, at the time, WolfMask was resting from recent training. Coming down, it was unveiled that Quet, who he had met before was who awaited him. Shocked by her arrival, questioned on how she got there telling him she "heard rumors spread around". The two had a short conversation, ending with Quet leaving for more tasks. Before he could come outside, WolfMask was greeted by a previous Shadowblood, CoyoteMask, who asked him in assist for the Shriekrazor Conspiracy. Another figure jumped onto WolfMask's log cabin, revealing that to be his brother FoMask. And then, the hybrid Shadowblood, SquidMask also appeared hearing of the Conspiracy, with the four Shadowbloods forming a team.

Shriekrazor Conspiracy - Part W

WolfMask and FoxMask teamed up to drop in Moscow, Russia. WolfMask, who attacked bandits and mooks as while FoxMask forced answers out of the scouts. Forming a success, the four Shadowbloods progressed. FoxMask, recruited a long-time partner Kamen Rider Black RX who assisted the four. At the time being, they were attacked by constant waves of LEU's, robotic supersoldiers but eventually got away with the fleet. Following CoyoteMask, FoxMask, the unofficial leader of the group began to ponder if they were attacking the innocents as in oppose to what they're after. Arriving in a dome of the beginning part of Engine City, they found CoyoteMask, severely injured by a figure that walked out. Which was, revealed to be a new Shadowblood: OscuraMask.

Shriekrazor Conspiracy - Part W Continued

CoyoteMask, assimilating the pain from OscuraMask was suddenly stopped when the two Shadowblood brothers intervened. The fight was soon stopped when it was proved as a misunderstanding, with FoxMask warping in with OscuraMask while WolfMask stood with CoyoteMask. When FoxMask warped out, he sent out a humongous energy wave as he had prematurely entered his ultimate form: Kachu. WolfMask was confused, until he realized that they were attacking the innocents, and CoyoteMask was using them all. Furious, he forcefully ascended to his super form and began fatally injuring CoyoteMask. The entire dome, battlefield and city itself was shaking and breaking apart by the Shadowbloods' sheer power, nearly killing CoyoteMask. CoyoteMask, however, forcefully warped himself out after taking a incredible beatdown. The brothers reverted to their base forms, with WolfMask saying that instead of inserting freedom to others, brought malevolence to them, his fist strengthening when his "blood" leaked out from within. Before they decided to act against CoyoteMask, however, were then told, that he wasn't meant to hurt the innocents and was actually on their side rather than using them.

Shocked, they were told to meet up in the corners of Engine City as the group pinned down more LEU's along the way. Eventually finding CoyoteMask, now in his T.I.T.A.N form, greeted with them and reformed their truce. Not before stopping themselves, decided that be more merciful than what they were formerly. Eventually, a legendary Kamen Rider came across them: Riderman who joined the group but instead followed FoxMask's decision, and further extended it to form a group within a group to their own objectives. WolfMask, unsure about all of them, was forced to join.

Shriekrazor Conspiracy - Part W Continued PT2

WolfMask and Riderman quickly formed a close friendship with one another, as the group continued to perform their plans. Eventually, this came to a conclusion of WolfMask being unsure whether to consider CoyoteMask being an enemy, or to consider him as an ally. Either way, he was essentially not part of any group. Feeling that if he would go against CoyoteMask, the group would end up unwillingly killing him, and his enemies would overpower the team. If he went with CoyoteMask, he would go against his own kin and what he stood for, as well as his morals. He came to a solution that he would discard from both. But gaining trust from Riderman, prevented him from doing so in the final move. FoxMask left early, but in turn, the conclusion came to all groups.

Shriekrazor Conspiracy - Part W Final

The two groups met up with CoyoteMask's uncle, AlphynMask where they decided best that they would split up and both teams would continue their own goal. Instead of cooperation, it evolved into a misunderstanding as SquidMask stood up to CoyoteMask, cracking jokes at him, making fun of him, and lastly warding him off. CoyoteMask, stood there, his unstable rage growing as SquidMask went on. This caused CoyoteMask to explode. WolfMask, trying to calm the two down and stop them from fighting was already too late, as the two broke into a fight. SquidMask refused to fight back in of a bigger reason. As the fight kept going on and no one of both groups tried to stop them, WolfMask cut into the both of them and was forced to fire energy projectiles at them. WolfMask scolded both SquidMask and CoyoteMask, telling that CoyoteMask was unstable of his rage and SquidMask was acting no better than a child. Splitting up, he revealed that he never joined either group and was unsure about the others other than Riderman, telling them the feud was the reason why he decided to split up. Leaving with Riderman, he could no longer trust CoyoteMask and SquidMask believing that he both acted like fools, upset with the both of them. Before he left, he dropped a note that was meant to go to CoyoteMask, one he written after he and his brother nearly killed him. Unsure whether to release, he knew it was of benefit to release. Finally, as they left that portal decided to say something of SquidMask who disliked him due to leaving him in Russia.

Now you understand why I left you. And why I did it again.

The Shadowblood left CoyoteMask and co. in that universe departing into the primary universe. Immediately shortly after, WolfMask obtained the Riderman Legend Warrior card, from Riderman himself. That being, his very first Legend Warrior card.

VS. Dark Decade

WolfMasks' training was suddenly interrupted when being carried over by a molten lava beast, otherwise known as Hothead to assist an individual who was dealing with two evil Kamen Riders: Kamen Rider Bujin Gaim, and Dark Decade. Unaware of who this was, it was Obsidian, who was fighting the two Riders but to no avail, could not win over the battle and required help. Hothead told him little of everything, leaving the Shadowblood still confused. When he arrived, he faced the two dark Riders as Obsidian told him everything. Convinced, the Shadowblood sided with Obsidian and the others in an effort to fight the Riders. It begun with Obsidian taking on Bujin Gaim, and WolfMask taking on Dark Decade.

The first portion of the battle started and ended in a rather calm way, as ridiculously powerful attacks and such stayed out in this portion. Even in fighting him in Complete Form, he successfully finished Dark Decade rather easily in this portion. However, the battle started to fume up when Dark Decade, in his complete form, upgraded himself even further to a dangerously powerful form. WolfMask knew at that immediate moment it was appropriate to enter Shogatsu, but knew by the risk he would have to acquire energy to himself, to enter in Shogatsu. Bujin Gaim soon retreated, as Obsidian managed to defeat him.

The second portion for this battle, went unbearably painful for WolfMask and his ally. Dark Decade had brutally wounded them and ended up summoning minions to finish them off. Eventually, however, the painful grudge in this portion slightly eased down when WolfMask would charge for Shogatsu in the rest of the battle, and Obsidian would work up as a guard. Still, there were moments where Dark Decade or his minions would come and attack him, painfully suspending the Shogatsu's supplement one after another. The pain went worse, as they kept coming each time it was growing in power. Eventually, he completely held most of them off, and powered up when it was in near completion. Obsidian, at that moment, was barely able to hold any of them off and soon fell to the battle. Kamen Riders eventually were brought into the battle shortly after Obsidian had fallen. To no avail, the Kamen Riders dealt with minions as they were no match for Dark Decade. However, Obsidian had enough energy left to rise up one more time, when WolfMask, had entered in Shogatsu for the second time.

As WolfMask had menacingly walked towards Decade in the third and final portion, he immediately threw the "V Finisher" at Dark Decade, implanting a "V" on his chest and slashing at him upwards and downwards in a slanted style. Finally implanting the blade into his body and snapping his fingers, Dark Decade exploding from the inside as WolfMask had reigned victorious.

Dark Decade lied down in a fatally and distustingly-appearing shape and form when WolfMask had arrived to him. Dark Decade, with the last of his energy spoken of a foreshadow to cover the planet in the future, where it would be taken over once again; much like the Neo Empire's efforts and the Bujin's as well. As WolfMask was about to let him decay on his own, Obsidian suddenly went to Dark Decade and spoken to him that no one deserved to die, especially in the near-death, and undeserving state he was in. WolfMask was heavily confused, as Dark Decade threatened to kill them and continue on his plans. Realizing that Obsidian was never a fan of death, he still was confused, but kept quiet in this. WolfMask called Gira for medical help on Dark Decade, asked by Obsidian arrived the airship of Gira's corporation, where they carried the Dark Decade.

WolfMask separated with Obsidian without word. Walking in the destroyed ruuins, and the rain as the winds blew through his body as well as his hood. He got on his vehicle and rode back to his cabin.

Called for Help

WolfMask appeared to FoxMask and Dopants, along with RyuMask. He fought to them with to the very end, going to Shogatsu to defeat them. However he was quickly defeated by an enraged Hyper RyuMask, which led to him being taken care of by Joe the Haze and Kotaro Minami.

The Birth of FokufuMask

Sometime after the events of "Called for Help", WolfMask travels to multiple planets and locations of the universe in hopes of finding a technique that can overpower RyuMask when he is enraged in his Final Form. After some time, WolfMask eventually does find a technique called the "Fusion Dance", which is a technique that was once used by Goku and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn. He went to Planet Metamor where he encountered a race known as the Metamorans, as he questioned about a technique that would be useful to him. They told him of the Fusion Dance, and WolfMask was interested.

WolfMask had learned the Fusion Dance relatively quickly. He traveled all the way back to Earth and left a note for FoxMask so that he could arrive near his cabin. FoxMask did so, and WolfMask had told FoxMask that he had found a very useful technique that could trump RyuMask and their group. FoxMask listened and they both practiced the Fusion Dance. They were both unsuccessful twice, as the first failed fusion was a skinny fused Shadowblood that could barely stand on his two feet. The second was an obese Shadowblood that could barely operate his own body. The third try, however, resulted in a successful fusion that was known as FokufuMask, as the fusion practiced their abilities before defusing.


WolfMask and FoxMask both traveled to the location where RyuMask and his group were setting their plans. FoxMask and WolfMask stopped their motorcycles and prepared for combat, as RyuMask went straight to his Final Form. Before WolfMask further progressed, he immediately went straight to his Final Form as well, which was Shogatsu. The two duked it out, with RyuMask being superior in the first half of the fight before WolfMask was able to trump RyuMask with the intensity of Shogatsu, which was too much for Hyper RyuMask to handle. FoxMask was looking for an opening, staying strategic and hidden in the battle.

Eventually however, DR Mainframe appeared in the battle and attacked WolfMask, while Hyper RyuMask found FoxMask and assaulted him. WolfMask tried to tell DR Mainframe that he had no intention of harming him after their last fight, but DR Mainframe wasn't convinced and attacked him. Immediately, DR Mainframe used a Maximum Drive and grabbed WolfMask's face, and crushed it slowly. WolfMask was screaming in pain and was eventually let go, dropping to his knees and then his whole body went to the floor. DR Mainframe, who had drained his energy, was suddenly immediately pummeled into the git. DR Mainframe made a very bad mistake, as WolfMask angrily screamed and shoved his gut even further, almost using the full power of Shogatsu as he created several series of explosions at DR Mainframe, nearly destroying him. The entire battlefield was almost coated in flames.

Battle, Part II

As Hyper RyuMask managed to subdue FoxMask for a bit, he noticed DR Mainframe down, and then saw WolfMask panting as his mask began to heal. Hyper RyuMask's eyes suddenly turned a blood red, and immediately began to transform. A full moon was revealed in the sky and the sky turned completely black, as WolfMask reverted to his base form. WolfMask and FoxMask were now in serious trouble. Hyper RyuMask had evolved into his enraged form. As WolfMask began telling FoxMask that they needed to do the Fusion Dance, the enraged RyuMask instantly grabbed WolfMask's face and began slowly tearing it in two. WolfMask screamed once again, while FoxMask tried to get RyuMask off of him. He did, but it resulted in a humongous explosion as RyuMask blasted FoxMask off, sending him flying.

WolfMask dropped to the ground, as a black liquid ran down through his nose and down to his chin. WolfMask was severely damaged, and the enraged RyuMask went after FoxMask. However, as he jumped, suddenly, SquidMask warped into the scene and defended against FoxMask. WolfMask was surprised, which now gave them the chance to finally use the Fusion Dance. SquidMask fended off RyuMask for a small time, and WolfMask regrouped with FoxMask. As they attempted to do the Fusion Dance, RyuMask stomped on the ground, which sent both Shadowbloods flying. SquidMask retained to the ground and tried to combat RyuMask without losing his life. RyuMask grabbed his head and revealed a full mouth of red glowing teeth about to tear SquidMask apart. He chomped on him, and threw him away, severely damaging him. However, WolfMask and FoxMask managed to regroup, and attempted the Fusion Dance again.

As RyuMask attempted to murder SquidMask and get to the other two Shadowbloods, he was interrupted by a humongous blue shining light that soared into the heavens. RyuMask looked back, and FokufuMask was born. RyuMask went into a burst of speed at FokufuMask, and slashed at him, creating an explosion and a rip in reality at him. But FokufuMask was gone by the time he reached him, and was breathing down his neck. He attempted to attack him again, but FokufuMask was unfazed. Confused, RyuMask jumped onto a building and began firing at him. But FokufuMask was already there by the time he transported to the building, and grabbed his neck, threw him down by several meters, blasted a kick into him, and then smashed him onto the ground. RyuMask attempted to attack FokufuMask again, but to no avail he dealt absolutely no damage. FokufuMask tried to convince the Shadowblood to power down, but RyuMask refused, and attacked him again - once again, appearing completely unfazed. He then kneed him brutally in the stomach, and performed a spin kick upwards.

RyuMask was sent flying into the sky, and FokufuMask blasted both of his fists into his stomach, which instantly forced RyuMask to revert to his base form. FokufuMask easily won the battle. FokufuMask then slowly floated downwards, as a group member of RyuMask came from a portal and told him that he would kill him, no matter how strong FokufuMask was. FokufuMask didn't listen to him. As he told him for FokufuMask to not move a muscle, he did not do so and let the member grab his allies. FokufuMask then stated that he would not stop going after him if they don't stop their ways, and told him that he was stronger than him anyhow. The group member told him that strength doesn't matter in a battle, only strategy does. As he told him FokufuMask was more brawn than brains. He left as FokufuMask fiercely watched him, before he parted. FokufuMask took sudden offense to that as he widened his eyes in a joking matter, before he defused. WolfMask went back to his cabin.

Against DJ Soundcaster

DJ Soundcaster's appearance was very sudden, as he immeadiately appeared to ambush WolfMask when he fired soundwaves at him. WolfMask was confused as to where the kaijin came from, only to find out that Glass Poltergeist had unleashed him upon WolfMask. Glass Poltergeist then laughed and disappeared, leaving DJ Soundcaster to fight off WolfMask.

DJ Soundcaster started the fight off by firing some CD-like projectiles at WolfMask. WolfMask managed to dodge them in time though. DJ Soundscaster claimed that the show was just getting started however. Flares then went behind DJ Soundcaster; with two giant boombox stereos appearing behind him as a guitar-looking laser gun. DJ Soundcaster then fired soundblasts from the his two giant stereos at WolfMask. WolfMask attempted to use his arms to block, but the force of the soundwaves pushed him back

DJ Soundcaster continued to fire soundblasts at WolfMask while reeling in laughter. WolfMask then regained his footing and leaped up, doing a Rider-esque kick on DJ Soundcaster. After destroying DJ Soundcaster's boomboxes, WolfMask then fired more dark blasts at DJ Soundcaster. DJ Soundcaster then got enraged at the fact WolfMask destroyed his boomboxes, but WolfMask charged a dark blast from behind, and shot it at him. DJ Soundcaster counteracted by firing a laser blaster from his laser-guitar at WolfMask; WolfMask retaliated by by firing a series of dark mini projectiles at him.

DJ Soundcaster then went berserk and turned his laser guitar into an axe-weapon, charging at WolfMask. WolfMask leaped to the side, DJ Soundcaster and WolfMask got into a weapon duel between WolfMask's katana and DJ Soundcaster's ax. WolfMask then kicked DJ Soundcaster in the stomach hard, sending him back, also causing some sparks to fly out. DJ Soundcaster got back up and then transformed his microphone into a mace, lunging at WolfMask. Before DJ Soundcaster could harm WolfMask; WolfMask grabbed his hand at his mace, then kicking him back, sending DJ Soundcaster flying back aways, letting go of his mace.

DJ Soundcaster's attack came to an end when WolfMask began to immediately charge dark energy in both of his palms, swirling them around and putting them together, before finally performing a different variation of Wolf Beam, firing a ergokinetic version of the Wolf Beam directly at DJ Soundcaster. As let DJ Soundcaster made his last breath, DJ Soundcaster then fell over and exploded, finishing him off once and for all.

WolfMask then started to search out in his environment, making sure no kaijin would surface around him.

Shadowbloods' Encounter: Wolf Meets Bird

Some time after the fight against DJ Soundcaster, WolfMask was seen in the highways of Fukuoka. He was riding his black sports motorcycle, picking up some ramen from a ramen store and then continuing to ride -



Despite being the younger child, WolfMask acts somewhat the older figure. He's more quiet-like compared to his brother. He's slightly high-strung, and can be depicted as belonging to a benevolent dark atmosphere.

He's more interested in enjoying life rather than to partake in any particular responsibilities, though however it can be reverted to the opposite in serious situations and is often pulled to an increased extent. He is sharp and quick to dismiss, react and retaliate decisions or subjects as well as being very intelligent. He's gifted with excellent empathy along with greatly understanding the emotions of others. He shows care and sympathy to those around him though at the same time he can be stern, sharp, serious and protective as well.

WolfMask, if pulled to the last and final nerve can be insane. In battle, usually when he is exceedingly furious or out of control will be willing to morph into a deranged being if he is truly infuriated or unsatisfied at something; whether it be a person or not.


Physical Body

WolfMask is a tall and thin-muscular Shadowblood whose "mask" has a long and soft look with soft-pointed ears, a skinny chin and compassionate, yet menacing eyes resembling those of wolves.

Said eyes are noted for a couple of reasons, due to the former, resembling those of wolves. Unlike Shadowbloods such as FoxMask and CoyoteMask, his eyes can visibly appear to chagce from sensitive/kind to menacing/attacking, which is a unique feature he holds. Another note is that his eyes can be known as being seductive: as regularly his eyes gleam to their compassionate state - narrow, jet-black and the natural narrow edges.

Design 1


WolfMask wears a unique black gi with silvery-gray outlines that is accompanied with a hood. The lower part of the gi has a little bit of a blazing design to it, mostly on the legs which will be described later. On the heart, a kanji is present which says "Faith" (信仰) in a white circle with black outline as it was originally just the kanji printed on the heart. He wears a black belt with shining yellow-golden wording in Japanese. On the side of his legs, big tiger streaks that are silvery-gray once again are present as they appear in a flaming and almost disorganized style, similar to the Gekirangers' ranger outfit, specifically GekiRed. WolfMask wears blacks boots with leggings that extends past his knees, that also cover up his armor inside the gi, having the same blazing tiger streaks on both sides as its also in the same shape with the feet of the armor inside his gi.

Lastly, a ōdachi similar to FoxMask's is strapped to his back. His two sai's are located strapped on the lower half of his gi, and packages of tantōs are strapped to each side in the upper, lower half of his body.

Inside the gi or when the gi is off, reveals the armor. The armor is the shielded defense on the body when faced with drilling penetration. The armor itself is entirely a deep black, and is Kamen Rider-esque style like FoxMask's. When WolfMask transforms, the armor changes its appearance each time with each form. They can be varied to have some change to a radical/drastic change. A form may have more protection on the armor as well.

When aura is summoned or present around the Shadowbloods' body, in his base form, it appears to be a shining silver-white gray aura that can often cause the gray/silver lines on his clothing radically shine or glow in reaction. His weapons may also appear to shine in the same reaction as well.

Design 2

In progress.

Family, Relatives and Relationships

WolfMask's mother is the mother that he and his brother had lived together shared.


WolfMask's mother is the mother that he and his brother had lived together and shared.


WolfMask's brother is FoxMask, a major that resides in the main universe.


CoyoteMask was formerly an enemy of WolfMask the first time they met due to several reasons, although after their first fight they have put aside their differences, befriended, and since then became allies together.


Quetzalcoatl, or otherwise nicknamed as Quet is the female Shadowblood residing in one of his relationships. During their first encounter, WolfMask still finds Quet to be a figure to be highly cautious over, before he can come into realization that he no longer needs to be. WolfMask often dodges or tackles the "flirts" that she makes and sides with being serious to the subject. WolfMask is also known to call Quet as "Busty", due to evident reasons.


SquidMask is a Shadowblood hybrid that was first met by WolfMask. The two share mostly of a non-serious, hate relationship due to WolfMask believing that SquidMask would need to stop being annoying/irritating, mostly because of the jokes he cracks and can hardly take him serious, like the rest of the characters who have met him. Although, still calls him a hero because of him caring of humanity, even if they think they're his last hope, among other things.


Power Grid









Energy Skills


Fighting Skills




  • Combat - WolfMask is capable of combat.
  • Martial Arts - WolfMask is highly skilled in martial arts.
  • Supernatural Strength - WolfMask has supernatural strength. Nearly Type 2.
  • Supernatural Speed - WolfMask has the first form of supernatural speed.
  • Enhanced Stamina - WolfMask has enhanced stamina.
  • Enhanced Durability - WolfMask has enhanced durability. It is somewhere near the level of supernatural durability.
  • Enhanced Intelligence - WolfMask has enhanced intelligence.
  • Enhanced Agility - WolfMask has enhanced agility.
  • Supernatural Reflexes - WolfMask has supernatural reflexes.
  • Enhanced Equilibrium - WolfMask has enhanced equilibrium, meaning he can balance on almost anything and is nearly impossible to knock down.
  • Enhanced Immunity System - WolfMask is tolerant, and can withstand toxins or contaminants that would affect humans or other creatures.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor - WolfMask has a healing factor. The healing factor is not automated upon instant reaction with pain, so he can use it at will if he desires.
  • Enhanced Environmental Adaption - WolfMask can adapt to any environment on Earth, or similar environments to Earth.
  • Indomitable Will - WolfMask has the highest form of willpower that has no limits. He is completely free of evil and can get stronger by using his inner willpower.
    • Will Empowerment - WolfMask's willpower can become stronger. If his willpower is driven into in emotion, his abilities and abilities will be amplified many times over that gains dominance over his opponents, and possibly unlocking new skills.
  • Enhanced Vision - WolfMask has enhanced vision. He is able to see objects at an incredibly high distance, and able to detect moving objects at an accurate motion.
    • Night Vision - WolfMask can see perfectly in the night, able to locate and position his eyes to anything in the night.
    • Aura Vision - WolfMask can visibly see someone's aura that is suppressed in their body.
    • Energy Vision - A variation of enhanced vision that WolfMask is practicing. He can see hidden energy or unused energy in someone if it starts to increase in their bodies.
    • Emotion Vision - A variation of enhanced vision that WolfMask is practicing. He can only see the emotions of others if the emotions are starting to exert from their bodies.
  • Umbrakinesis - WolfMask has full control over darkness.
    • Umbra-Pyrokinesis - WolfMask has full control over dark fire.
    • Umbrakinetic Immunity - WolfMask is immune to darkness.
    • Umbrakinetic Absorption - WolfMask can absorb darkness.
  • Pyrokinesis - WolfMask has full control over fire.
    • Pyrokinetic Resistance - WolfMask is very resistance to fire. His resistance is strengthened by Shogatsu's presence, making it almost immune.
  • Hydrokinesis - WolfMask has full control over water.
  • Aerokinesis - WolfMask has full control over air and wind.
  • Electrokinesis - WolfMask has full control over electricity.
  • Geokinesis - WolfMask has full control over earth.
  • Aura-Physiology - WolfMask has full control over this ability. He can morph his aura into that of a being, such as a wolf, or use the aura as a weapon: an example given using the aura as piercing/slashing aura.
  • Ferric-cancellation - WolfMask can cancel all forms of steel that opposes him. The steel will simply fall onto the ground and will become temporarily unavailable to be used.


  • Photokinesis - WolfMask is vulnerable to light, and if hit by it is massively injured or weakened by it.
  • Piercing Attacks - WolfMask can be severely weakened by piercing attacks.


Wolf Suit

A technologically advanced black armored suit, the Wolf Suit helps WolfMask slightly enhance his fighting capabilities.

  • Bladed Shadow - WolfMask's primary weapon. It is a deadly katana that can connect to his power.
  • Blades of Shade - WolfMask's secondary weapon. They are two, deadly steel sai.
  • Blades of Gloom - WolfMask's tertiary weapon, a package of tantos.
  • Wolf Skin - Tightening skin that wraps around the body with flexibility to enhance joints and muscle movements.
  • Wolf Armor - WolfMask's armor. A part of his body that is the secret of his intense durability and protection, as it also acts as reducing damage when he is hit. Easy to scar, but very difficult to break. It is heavily themed after Batman's own armor.
  • Grazer Glove - A silver-black arm cutter that surrounds WolfMask's arms. They look like Amazon Alpha's Shellcut Gloves. It has four blades, wide and large from the end from short to the first that are connected together. They are attached to the glove that is designed to pierce, cut, and graze through flesh, steel, and harder layers within ease. The blades can extend themselves, and can opt in and out of the glove. It also has a long and narrow knife attached to top of the hand, inside the Grazer Glove that can swap opt in and out as well. It works like a hidden blade. It is usually swapped out, and kept out of battle unless WolfMask wants to perform an absolute lethal attack.
  • Claws - Apart of the Grazer Glove. Enhances piercing and slashing abilities, as it can cut through flesh and steel within ease.
  • Wolf Knee - Knee protector. Strengthens the knee.
  • Grazer Boot - A silver-black boot cutter. They look like Amazon Omega's Shellcut Boots. It has four small, but very sharp blades that are separated from each other that row all the down. They are attached to the boot designed to pierce, cut, and graze through flesh, steel, and harder layers within ease. The blades can swap in and out of the boot and can extend. An additional black serrated shoeknife can be opted in and out of the boot as well. Like the Grazer Glove, it is only used for an absolute lethal attack.


Wolf Hybrider

A modified and advanced Suzuki Hayabusa, the second fastest motorcycle in the world. The Wolf Hybrider is capable of going up to 278mph (447.398kmh) and is equipped with two frontal mini laser shooters, the head of a small minigun at each side, and two black missiles on top of the small minigun heads that can slot out of the motorcycle repeatedly after being used. The motorcycle is deep black in color with silver outlines, and there are large, sharp, black wolf ears at the front fairing of the motorcycle.


Main Forms

Umbra Core


This is WolfMask's default/primary form and the first of his Main Forms. Completely described above.

Such dark thoughts will cripple a warrior. But only if he lets them. „ 

— WolfMask

  • Abilities and skills described above

Pyro Core

This is WolfMask's second Main Form. It is a fire based version of the Umbra Core.

  • Abilities and skills described in Umbra Core
  • Wields a blazing ebo
  • Darkness-related powers are replaced with pyrokinetic powers
  • Agility and reflexes are greatly increased

Cryo Core

This is WolfMask's third Main Form. It is a ice based version of the Umbra Core.

  • Abilities and skills described in Umbra Core
  • Wields an iced nagamaki
  • Darkness-related powers are replaced with cryokinetic powers
  • Senses and strength is greatly increased

Electro Core

This is WolfMask's fourth and final Main Form. It is a electric based version of the Umbra Core.

  • Abilities and skills described in Umbra Core.
  • Wields an electrifying kama yari
  • Darkness-related powers are replaced with electrokinetic powers
  • Speed and defense is greatly increased

Upgraded Forms

Ghost Core

This is WolfMask's first Upgraded Form. It is a enhanced version of the Umbra Core that has been further evolved into a stronger form. It uses a black dog as a motif and a representation of its power.

  • Abilities and skills described in Umbra Core, but enhanced
  • Possesses an enhanced arm and leg cutter that has a row of claws for blades
    • Arm and leg cutters work the same way like his Grazer Gloves
  • Umbrakinetic powers intensify and enhance
  • Durability boosts
  • Access to perfect camouflage, wall-phasing, and invisibility

Dragon Core

This is WolfMask's second Upgraded Form. It is a enhanced based version of the Pyro Core that has now been further evolved into a stronger form. It uses a dragon as a motif and a representation of its power.

  • Abilities and skills described in Pyro Core, but enhanced
  • Possesses an enhanced arm and leg cutter that has a dragon wing for blades
    • Arm and leg cutters work the same way like his Grazer Gloves
  • Pyrokinetic powers intensify and enhance
  • Agility and reflexes have a slight boost
  • Access to dragon-like wings for flight

Serpent Core

This is WolfMask's third Upgraded Form. It is a enhanced Cryo Core that has now been further evolved into a stronger form. It uses a sea serpent as a motif and a representation of its power.

  • Abilities and skills described in Cryo Core, but enhanced
  • Possesses an enhanced arm and leg cutter that has a sea serpent fin for blades
    • Arm and leg cutters work the same way like his Grazer Gloves
  • Cryokinetic powers intensify and enhance
    • Is able to access hydrokinesis
  • Senses and strength have a slight boost
  • Access to back fins that allow enhanced swimming

Thunderbird Core

This is WolfMask's fourth Upgraded Form. It is a enhanced version of the Electro Core that has now been further evolved into a stronger form. It uses a thunderbird as a motif and a representation of its power.

  • Abilities and skills described in Electro Core, but enhanced
  • Possesses an enhanced arm and leg cutter that has a bird wing for blades
    • Arm and leg cutters work the same way like his Grazer Gloves
  • Electrokinetic powers intensify and enhance
  • Speed and defense have a slight boost
  • Access to armored talons and claws that allow accuracy for piercing

Syndicate Core

The Syndicate Form or Syndicate Core is WolfMask's Super Form. This form was obtained by staying in a empowering stasis linked to the form, to assimilate more power and its requirements into WolfMask, eventually creating the form with the combined spirits that his enemies had taken. It takes on a more radical appearance, with gray(near black)spiky armor with gold trims in a blazing design, complete with a black cape. The hood is also lined with gold trims. This form was indeed used to destroy Tenji and Cavros, the enemies who plagued the universe WolfMask formerly lived in. It had a new power and far more powerful parameters that were brought unto WolfMask.

  • Abilities and skills described in Umbra Core
    • Abilities and skills, as well as stats are greatly increased, coming from the combination of all of WolfMask Main Forms' parameters together
  • Darkness-related powers and others are replaced with spiritual energy powers

Shogatsu Core

The Shogatsu Form or Shogatsu Core is WolfMask's Final Form or Ultimate Form, and currently his strongest form. This form was obtained during the Neo Empire arc against Anomaly Trahir, although the actual reason remains unknown, it was fully unleashed when WolfMask used an extent of Shogatsu's power at Anomaly Trahir when the beast easily killed him in that brief moment. He got up, and skyrocketed with power that enabled him to finally annihilate the beast along with the rest of the heroes. This form was also used to easily annihilate Dark Decade's Strongest Complete Form. Although while it may have a load of power and unimaginable potential, the ascension into the form is the hardest part. As WolfMask would need to initially link the power to himself and harness its power for an extended period of time in order to transform. This was an excruciating part for WolfMask when he battled Dark Decade.

  • Abilities and skills described in Umbra Core
    • Abilities, skills, as well as stats skyrocket immensely
  • Darkness-related powers and others are replaced with solar-electrical powers
  • Armed with two enhanced katana
  • Armed with an enhanced kanabo
  • Armed with a very powerful, and deadly enhanced tanegashima

Armored Form

Armored Form

This is WolfMask's armored form. It acts as an Extra Form.

  • Abilities and skills from Umbra Core
  • Strength and durability are greatly increased, being the superior and dangerous stats
  • Suffers speed, as this is his slowest form

Legend Warrior Forms


The King of Fighters XIV OST - Japan Team - Yappari Esaka04:56

The King of Fighters XIV OST - Japan Team - Yappari Esaka


  • Originally WolfMask was to be a Shadowblood that had came through an unknown port to Earth to visit FoxMask in a hotel with two Kamen Riders. He was designed to be a delinquent: brash, rude, and dependent on his brother who also wanted to take much of his work alone. As the creator revamped him, his appearance in the roleplay remained non-canon.

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