Wolf Queen
Wolf Queen
Used by
Shameless Fox, Redflag Horowitz, Giant Slalom
Crabcat (archenemy)
Gaira, Karloff, Mutavore, El Gusano Gigante, Neo El Gusano, Neo SpaceGodzilla
Not known
?? meters
?? meters
Global Defense Force

— Wolf Queen

Wolf Queen is a Rookie Jaeger and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Wolf Queen is the most logical and sensible of the three Rookie Jaegers and is the unofficial leader of the trio, but is still prone to making many mistakes. Overall she is probably the most determined to capture/target kaiju.


Mission 1: Training Day

Wolf Queen and her fellow Rookie Jaeger friends, Shameless Fox and Redflag Horowitz were deployed on their first mission after just finally finished being built. On their first mission, they were ordered to find and hunt down the illusive kaiju known as Crabcat.

Once Wolf Queen reached the area, she scanned the area to find any monster, but had difficult finding one. Until she did find Crabcat, who then revealed himself.

Wolf Queen fired her railgun at Crabcat numerous times, but it was no use as Crabcat could become intangible. As she was about to blast when he was finally vulrenable, she ran out of ammo for her railgun. Things got even worse when Gaira came.

After the end of the unsuccessful fight and after Crabcat got away, she order the rest of her teammates and herself to retreat.

Mission 2: Karloff Appears in Mankato

Wolf Queen, Redflag Horowitz and Shameless Fox showed up to Mankato to stop and detain the Breach monster Karloff. They were doing well up until Mutavore showed up and thrashed the three Rookie Jaegers. After taking too much damage from Mutavore, the three Rookie Jaegers (including Wolf Queen) took off.

Mission 3: Struggle In Melbourne

Main article: Struggle in Melbourne.

Mission 4: Twilight Trouble

Main article: Twilight Trouble.

Powers & Weapons

  • Railgun: Wolf Queen posses a railgun on her right arm that is capable of greviously injuring kaiju.


  • Ammuntion for the Railgun is limited.


  • Wolf Queen is the only "female" Jaeger of the Rookie Jaeger trio.
  • Wolf Queen's armored head bares a slight resemblance's to Cherno Alpha's head.

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