XP-00: Death Worm
Used by
Jay's Wing
XP-01, XP-02, XP-04, XP-06, XP-07, XP-08, XP-09, XP-11, XP-13, XP-15
Mr. Evil Scientist Dude, Lieutenant Preston, Dr. Grudge, Dr. Hate, Dr. Loath, Dr. Agony
Mongolian Death Worm
460 meters

XP-00, AKA the Mongolian Death Worm, is a giant red worm kaiju and role-play character used by X Jay's Wing X.


Escape from the Gobi Desert

After the capture of XP-07 and building of the underground HQ in Mongolia, a team of scientists, led by Mr. Evil Scientist Dude, knew of the Mongolian Death Worm's existence. For a while they tried to catch it with no success. They dubbed the death worm "XP-00" until they caught it.

Much, much later, the XPs escaped the base in the Gobi Desert and started to make their way out of the wasteland. XP-01, XP-07 and XP-15 were able to easily get out, but the others were stuck. XP-04, XP-02, XP-06, XP-11, XP-09, and XP-13 went through the desert, but they weren't alone; Lieutenant Preston's SuperMechaGodzilla and jaegers controlled by Dr. Loath, Dr. Agony, Dr. Hate, and Dr. Grudge were following them.

After an encounter and fight with the mechas, the XPs escaped and continued, but the Mechs followed. XP-00 came into play at this point, attacking them before quickly retreating into the sand. As the mechas caught up again with the XPs, XP-00 attacked again, letting them get away.

Finally, the 4 doctors had enough and rushed ahead towards the XPs and to their deaths. Lieutenant Preston fought with XP-00 in his SMG, but XP-00 used hit-and-run tactics to buy the XPs time. The arrival of XP-07, who lived in Mongolia, furthered their advantage. Although eventually the two retreated, Lieutenant Preston followed the four doctors only to find their jaegers in smoking ruins.


  • Burrowing at high speeds
  • Can spit acid
  • Electric touch


  • XP-00 is based off of the Mongolian Death Worm.

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