The Inheritor of the Demon Sword, Yoshimitsu
Used by
Dr. Bosconovitch, the Manji Clan
Bryan Fury, Kunimitsu, the Mishima Zaibatsu, Soul Edge
178cm (5′ 10″)
Not Available
Manji Clan
Heaven's net is wide! Though it is course, nothing slips through! „ 

— Yoshimitsu

Yoshimitsu (吉光?) is the leader of the Manji Clan, a group of noble Robin Hood-esque thieves.


Yoshimitsu is an eccentric ninja, who robs the rich to give to the poor. As such, he tends to give to the needy without asking for anything in return. As such, Yoshimitsu is quite sociable, and can make a very good friend, if a bit of a weird one.

However, do not take Yoshimitsu's strangeness as a reason to underestimate him or make him angry. Yoshimitsu is a trained swordsman who wields a cursed blade wielded by his ancestors before him, sharing the name Yoshimitsu. The blade requires a steady supply of the deaths of evil men, lest it drive its user insane. Yoshimitsu acts accordingly, hunting down such people and slaying them with his blade. Yoshimitsu is also vengeful, and will not tolerate his allies or clan being attacked, such as with him seeking revenge against Brian Fury after he slaughtered multiple clan members protecting Dr Bosconovich.

When not on duty, Yoshimitsu is an avid gamer, both in arcades (especially in Shinjuku, Japan) and in online play, as well as browsing the net.


  • His cursed sword, Yoshimitsu which runs on the blood of evil men, which can slash straight through buildings in some instances
  • His side sword, Fumaken, that allows him to control the power of his main sword
  • Bionic limbs, allowing him to pull off windmill-like attacks with his blades
  • Somehow able to use his sword like a pogo-stick, or fly with it like a helicopter
  • Limited teleportation


  • Sword requires a steady supply of the blood of evil men; if this requirement is not met, the sword will drive Yoshimitsu insane


  • Yoshmitsu shares his name with every past leader of the Manji Clan, who wielded the sword (also named Yoshimitsu) before him. Yoshimitsu the First and Yoshimitsu the Second were known to hunt after and destroy fragments of Soul Edge, an evil, demonic blade.