Youkai of Boundaries - Yukari Yakumo
Yukari Yakumo official artwork
Used by
Ran Yakumo, Chen, Reimu Hakurei, Reika "Miko" Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Remilia Scarlet, Flandre Scarlet, Yuyuko Saigyouji, Youmu Konpaku, FoxMask
Tenshi, anyone with the intent to harm the Great Hakurei Barrier
1200+ (pretends to be in her late 20s)
Oh, so that's a 'strange incident'? Then I suppose I'm a mobile strange incident. „ 

— Yukari

Yukari Yakumo (八雲 紫 ?, Yakumo Yukari) is a legendary youkai with the power to freely manipulate boundaries. She is known as one of Gensokyo's strongest denizens and as the most knowledgeable person in the land.


Recent events - Flandre's escape

While taking one of her usual naps, Yukari was abruptly awoken by a loud bang followed by a bright red flash. Realizing from where the sound and flash originated, she knew something bad had happened and immediately teleported to the Scarlet Devil Mansion to see how severe the damage was and to see if nobody else got injured. After having been informed of the attack on the Scarlet Devil Mansion and Flandre's escape from the basement, Yukari felt uneasy and decided to gather people to help find the vampire girl. Along the way, she provided quick interdimensional mobilization in the form of her gaps, letting everyone into the Other World.

After finding Flandre, Yukari attempted to convince her to come back home, as everybody was worried sick about her. After FoxMask defeated Remilia, Flandre was allowed to live outside of the basement, and Yukari now frequently invites the little vampire to come play with Chen.

Importance in Gensōkyō's History

There is no doubt in statung Yukari is a central presence in the land of Gensōkyō. She watches over the Great Hakurei Barrier, which is what keeps Gensōkyō separated from the Other World; due to the Barrier's connection with the Hakurei bloodline, Yukari is highly protective of Reimu, despite knowing full well the extent of the Shrine Maiden's power. If the Great Hakurei Barrier is damaged, Yukari will act accordingly and try to repair any damage so as to protect the many youkai inhabiting Gensōkyō. In fact, damaging the Barrier is one of the few ways to legitimately anger Yukari. Whether or not she has designed the Great Hakurei Barrier is unknown, but Yuyuko believes not even Yukari could generate a barrier that powerful.


Yukari is generally somebody who minds her own business and just lives her life as she wishes. She is notorious for being ridiculously lazy, letting her shikigami Ran and Chen do all the dirty work for her while she either ventures out into other worlds or just sleeps days on end. Her carefree demeanor hides a master schemer, however, and over the course of time she has managed to baffle many with her elaborate scheming. This has a more childish side, as Yukari loves to mess around with those she knows purely out of personal amusement, though she never means any harm.


  • Urashima's Box, Filled With Lament
  • Bewitching Butterfly in the Zen Temple
  • Rest on Stone, Rinse in Rivers
  • Rinse with Stone, Rest in Rivers
  • Fantasy Maniacal Rift
  • "Apparition Needle"
  • Home is Where One Lays One's Head
  • Fantasy Manji-Parasol
  • Universe of Matter and Antimatter
  • Flesh Dismantler
  • Bewitching Bait
  • Boundary of Intellect and Feet
  • Eyes that View Change
  • Chimera Wings


  • Barrier "Curse of Dreams and Reality"
  • Barrier "Balance of Motion and Stillness"
  • Barrier "Mesh of Light and Darkness"
  • Evil Spirits "Xanadu of Straight and Curve"
  • Evil Spirits "Yukari Yakumo's Spiriting Away"
  • Evil Spirits "Bewitching Butterfly Living in the Zen Temple"
  • Sinister Spirits "Double Black Death Butterfly"
  • Shikigami "Ran Yakumo"
  • "Boundary of Humans and Youkai"
  • Barrier "Boundary of Life and Death"
  • Yukari's Arcanum "Danmaku Barrier"
  • Border Sign "Quadruple Barrier"
  • Barrier "Charming Quadruple Barrier"
  • Shikigami "Ran Yakumo +"
  • Border Sign "Boundary of 2D and 3D"
  • Barrier "Objective Barrier"
  • First Card "Quadruple Barrier"
  • Second Card "Manji-Parasol of Yakumo"
  • Third Card "Ran Yakumo"
  • Outer Force "Infinite Superspeed Flying Object"
  • Fantasy "Perpetual Motion Machine of the First Kind"
  • Boundary "Quadruple Barrier of the Imperishable Night"
  • "Profound Danmaku Barrier -Phantasm, Foam and Shadow-"
  • Border Sign "Boundary of Form and Emptiness"
  • Border Sign "Boundary of Wave and Particle"
  • Shikigami "Chen"
  • Fantasy Nest "Flying Glow Worm's Nest"
  • Aerial Bait "Bait Laced with Venom"
  • Abandoned Line "Aimless Journey to the Abandoned Station"
  • Photon "Doppler Effect"
  • Splitter "Thing That Splits All Into Two"
  • Aerial Bait "Hyperactive High Speed Flying Object"
  • "Yakumo's Nest"
  • Magic Eye "Laplace's Demon"
  • "Impossible Danmaku Barrier"
  • "Casebook of Luck, Resilience and Perseverance"

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