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Shadorah (Mind Controlled), Myriad (Mind Controlled), Nidhoggr (Mind Controlled) The Gyaos Army (Mind Controlled), several robotic workers
Neo Godzilla, Tyrant, CenturyGhido, CenturyMekaGoji, Century-Keizer Ghidorah, Gamera, Rosa Biollante
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Zanon's Enforcement
Gamera Villain

Zanon is a Role-Play character used by GyaosKing485. He is an alien warlord, who wishes to conquer Earth for unknown reasons.


Nothing is known about Zanon before his arrival on Earth.

The Sun Crusher's Landing

Zanon first appeared upon his ship landing in Pripyat, Ukraine. He proceeded to send out some scouts to find a kaiju to make an army, of which they found the carcass of a deceased Gyaos. Said Gyaos was later dissected and the DNA was used to make an army of mutated, artificial Gyaos, which were hybrids of Gyaos DNA and DNA of other beings found by the scouts.

The Battle of Los Angeles

Zanon's first attack on humanity was at Los Angeles, California. He sent out his troops of thousands of Gyaos to fight. They were fought against by Neo Godzilla and Tyrant, who were already in the area. Though their numbers slowly dwindled down, Zanon was successful in beating both of them, and tried to use Neo Godzilla for parts of DNA in his biggest experiment of creating the ultimate weapon of a kaiju. Neo Godzilla was pushed out of it by Tyrant, who proceeded to break out shortly after, though Zanon made an alliance with somebody else for his next plans.

The Battle of New York City

A month after Zanon's last attack, he started a siege at the huge city. Said attack involved Shadorah, a near unstoppable kaiju that was controlled by Zanon. It was sent to destroy the city at first, but then was sent after destroying the Meesterians and their weapons. After a while, Shadorah began running out of energy, so it was sent back to it's chamber. Zanon instead sent out numerous Gyaos soldiers to deal with the last of the Meesterian's kaiju, though he decided to leave soon to regroup on his plans.

The Battle of Baguio City

On 11/7/2016, Zanon attacked the city of Baguio City, to find another kaiju to use for his own needs. He attacked and severely wounded Century-Kaizer Ghidorah with the help of his Gyaos army and Izilbolgia, taking Century-Kaizer Ghidorah's DNA, though they were attacked by both Gamera and Rosa Biollante. After his victory, he talked about his planet's needs, and had the Sun Crusher leave Baguio City.


Zanon is a cold, planning leader of his troops, and is never left out on things. He finds joy in conquering cities, for his plans will slowly get closer to succession. However, he sometimes questions what the hell happens whenever something strange is nearby, including Dante and the Meesterians. Due to also being the only fully organic being besides Shadorah on his ship, he often gets bored. He also has a strange amount of honor towards his race and his planet, as when Century-Keizer Ghidorah insulted it, they were promptly attacked by hundreds of turrets.


Despite having no powers whatsoever physically, Zanon has a warsuit made for himself and a genius level of intelligence. He also has his Sun Crusher, a gigantic ship that dwarfs cities like they are bugs while being armed to the teeth with turrets and weaponry, and a large army of Gyaos and robots.

Sun Crusher

Zanon's signature ship, the Sun Crusher.


  • Zanon was originally from the movie Gamera: Super Monster, where he played the role of the villain. However, he was never seen and said film was made horribly, so he is now being used with more personality.
  • Zanon is a play on the common trope of aliens invading in kaiju movies. While most invasions in them are unintentionally hilarious, Zanon's is being played as dead serious.
  • Zanon's ship, the Sun Crusher, was a blatant ripoff of Star Destroyers from Star Wars, so GyaosKing485 decided to give it a similar name to them.

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