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Gamoni (best friend)
Gallibon (partner)
TripGoji, Hardshell, Gomora, Lucah Whitepaws, Zilla Jr., SophiaGoji, AlenaGoji, Death Battle Godzilla
Inconnu, Clover, Yongary, Gekido-jin, Mechanical Raban, Gokidon, Rekker, Keris, Skeetera, Goromaking, Gold King, Disco Megalon, Eleking Max, MiraiGoji, Neo Jyarumu, Neo Balkzardan, Mr. Snuggles, Harpy Gyaos, Lily Biollante
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Ultraman Character
Yayz! „ 

— Zaranga

Zaranga (ザランガ Zaranga) is a spacial mammalian kaiju and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Zaranga is a very nice and bubbly monster but also tends to forget things easily, behaves childishly and is somewhat of a ditz. She also REALLY loves chocolate. She's normally upbeat and pleasant, but can be intimidating if she's angered, even if she doesn't do much fighting.


Debut: Garbage Monster's Log (4)

Prior to arriving to Earth, Zaranga was spying on some of the Viledrode forces, particularly about the one known as Inconnu. Once she had heard that he wanted to summon "Manto", she grew alarmed and decided to head to Earth to warn her old friend Gamoni. She briefly appeared towards the end of one of Garbage Monster's space adventures RPs, flying past him and then flying all the way down to Earth.

Inconnu's Plan Revealed

Zaranga first arrived onto Earth when she was halfway submerged on the ground, due to a landing difficulty. She was then rescued from the hole by Gallibon, whom she jokingly called him "her hero". Zaranga then went up to Gamoni to tell her that Inconnu was planning to unleash Manto on them all and to eliminate the KoZ. Before she could say more, she was interrupted by Inconnu himself, who then threatened them they "knew too much". Inconnu then bragged that Gamoni would be the first KoZ member to die and laughed.

Inconnu then summoned Clover on them, afterwards Inconnu left. Zaranga participated in fighting against Clover by firing her fireballs a him and helping out HyperKeizer. Zaranga, Gamoni, Gallibon, LSDKama and HyperKeizer managed to defeat Clover by blasting him and the rock wall behind him with their attacks. A avalanche then took place, causing all of the rocks and boulders from the rocky wall to fall on Clover. Gamoni ordered Zaranga and Gallibon to leave with her to avoid the avalanche.

Zaranga nearly tripped in a deep hole, but she was once again helped by Gallibon. She and Gallibon then traveled with Gamoni, heading off to stop Inconnu once and for all.

Encounter with Yongary

Zaranga was traveling with Gamoni and Gallibon when they were then intercepted by Yongary. She didn't get to fight Yongary much, as both she and Gallibon feel into a pit that Yongary essentially threw them into, so they couldn't get out until Rekker and Yongary's fight was over. Once they did leave, Gamoni went over to help both Zaranga and Gallibon out of the pit, and they began to resume their quest, albeit they were running out of time.

The Godzillans/Gamorans Alliance

Zaranga came along with Gallibon and Gamoni on making alliance with Kunin, Rozan and TripGoji, which Gamoni pointed out both Zaranga and Gallibon are innocents who would only be guilty by association because of their allegiance with Gamoni. Zaranga also met up with TripGoji, who she knew back in the day. 

However, the truce between the six was interrupted by a ambush of four new Viledrode monsters. Gallibon and Zaranga both worked together to fight off Derpagon, and succeeded by setting Derpagon on fire, forcing Derpagon to flee. Gallibon and Zaranga then both cheered.

Halted Alliance

Unfortunately, the Godzillan/Gamorans Alliance's luck ran out as Inconnu's generals managed to catch up on them. Both her and Gallibon were defeated by Gokidon's brute strength and Mechanical Raban when he fired many missiles at and around them and nearly killed the two, but luckily her, Gallibon and Gamoni were safely teleported away by their KoZ allies.

Gallibon and Zarana Go To Space

Sometime later, Zaranga and Gallibon eventually found out that Gamoni was stuck at Heck. They both then decided to reach out to contact her; which they had no way of doing, unfortunately enough. With that, Gallibon the decided that they should both use his space surfboard, which Zaranga agreed to do so.

After finally reaching Heck and meeting up back with Gamoni, Zaranga also had to help Gamoni and Gallibon fight off against a robotic version of U-Killersaurus. After that, Gamoni and Gallibon headed back to Earth; Zaranga had decided to make it back to Earth on own, as Gallibon's surfboard only had enough room for two to travel. Zaranga then flew her way back to Earth...

Transquito's Last Stand

In a few weeks, Zaranga soon made it back to Earth; meeting back up with Gamoni and Gallibon. There, she also met up with one of Gamoni's comrades; Hardshell and several other Cybertranians. Unfortunately, trouble then struck. Transquito had then appeared! Transquito sent the Seekers to attack Hardshell's forces and then he sent Skeetera to attack Gamoni and Gallibon. As all hell broke loose, Zaranga was confused on what to do.


— Zaranga

Fortunately, the fight soon came to a close when Skeetera and the Seekers were soon forced to retreat and Transqutio was destroyed; sparing Zaranga, Gallibon and Gamoni. Zaranga then went over to help Gallibon up after he got beaten up by Skeetera.

Enslaver's Great Counterattack

Later, Zaranga assisted Gamoni in finding out what crash-landed down near their home area, to which they both found Fajrero, a Gamoran. Fajrero mistook Zaranga for a bird, to which Zarana corrected him by saying she was a mammal, not a bird. As Enslaver soon came, Zaranga head for safety, as she was afraid of Enslaver. Unfortunately for her, Enslaver soon found her out and then used her as a shield against one of Gallibon's attacks, before then throwing her at Gallibon, sending both her and Gallibon down to the ground.

Chaos in Kamata

Zaranga along with Gallibon both appeared at Kamata, relaxing and just chilling. When Gallibon asked Zaranga where Gamoni could have been and he felt like they always had to find her all the time; Zaranga reminded Gallibon that the two of them on their own aren't that strong and that Gamoni would return to them soon, as she would return shortly. Gallibon agreed to that. Zaranga and Gallibon then both looked up at the evening sky, continuing to relax. Then at that moment, something in the waters begin to Gallibon and Zaranga turned around to spot it, out from the waters rose the eel-like monster Eleking Max! Just as Gallibon and Zaranga were about to do something however, then from out of nowhere, dirt exploded in front of Zaranga and Gallibon's area, causing the two to leap back.

Zaranga and Gallibon both leaped aways, avoiding the dirt blast. Out from the ground comes out a giant monster that vaguely resembled Red King, but still looks very odd and different; it was Gold King. As Gold King advanced towards the two, a gold chain then lashed out and down against Zaranga and Gallibon's arms, grappling them both. Zaranga and Gallibon were then reeled in by the chain and faced a new monster, this one resembling a punkish-thug/gang leader; Goromaking. As Goromaking threatened the two; Zaranga asked what he, Gold King and Eleking Max were doing there; to which Goromaking explained his plan to them. Now with them knowing, Goromaking then ordered Gold King to kill the two; Zaranga and Gallibon shielded themselves.

Just as Gold King was about to strike them however the ground started to shake; Gold King, Gallibon, Zaranga and Goromaking noticed the ground shaking. Out from the dirt blast was Gomora, who had come to save Zaranga and Gallibon; Zaranga was pleased. Zaranga (along with Gallibon) watched as Gomora fought against Goromaking and Gold King, they both spotted Eleking Max rampaging across the city; so Zaranga and Gallibon ran into the city to stop Eleking Max for Gomora.

As the two entered Kamata, Zaranga and Gallibon got ready to fight Eleking Max. But then from out of the blue, Disco Megalon appeared to join in on the attack! Disco Megalon fired some Disco Beam against Zaranga; to which Zaranga barely dodged from. Zaranga then shot a fireball against Disoc Megalon, ruining Disco Megalon's suit. As Disco Megalon cleaned his suit, Zaranga rushed towards Disco Megalon and belly rammed against him, sending Disco Megalon flying against a building. As Disco Megalon got back up, he started throwing Disco Bombs at everyone, to which Zaranga rolled away and took cover from.

Following the defeats of Goromaking, Gold King, Disco Megalon and Eleking Max; Zaranga celebrated along with Gallibon, cheering. Zaranga then thanked Lucah Whitepaws for helping them and afterwards Zaranga and Gallibon headed off elsewhere.


Zaranga made a cameo in the RP when she came over to party at TKT Gezora's Spring Break party along with Gamoni, Harpy Gyaos and Kashima C. She as not fond of Garbage Monster's language. She also drank down a whole keg off-screen.

MiraiGoji vs Zilla Jr, AlenaGoji, SophiaGoji and Zaranga

Zaranga appeared briefly in the RP where she came to fight off MiraiGoji to help Zilla Jr., AlenaGoji and SophiaGoji by firing one of her fireballs at MiraiGoji's head. Zaranga then fired down some fireballs around MiraiGoji's area, to which MiraiGoji flinged the fireballs away with his tail. MiraiGoji then slammed his tail against Zaranga, causing her to hit against SophiaGoji's atomic breath. SophiaGoji then ceased her atomic breath, but fortunately Zaranga wasn't hurt by much. MiraGoji then created an explosion around the four heroes area, to which Zaranga saw coming and ducked and covered from. MiraiGoji then took off, taking off for now. Following MiraiGoji's departure, Zaranga got back up and said she was alright to Zilla Jr., however she thought the city could use some fixing up. Zaranga soon took off and walked away.

Battle in the Middle East

Zaranga reappeared to helpt out Death Battle Godzilla in somewhere in the Middle East to fight off Lily Biollante, Snuggles, and Harpy Gyaos. Zaranga fired her fireballs at Harpy Gyaos for a while, but then Neo Jyarumu came in and fought off the rest brutally, especially Death Battle Godzilla. Zaranga did some damage against him by firing her fireballs at him, which did some hits against him, but he was still going strong. When Zaranga tried to bash at Neo Jyarumu however, Lily Biollante grabbed her away with her vines and began to slam her against SophiaGoji. Zaranga and Death Battle Godzilla then soon fired their Fireballs at Lily Biollante, setting her on fire. After Lily Biollante, Neo Jyarumu and Neo Balkzardan left, Zaranga and Death Battle Godzilla were victorious and Zaranga headed elsewhere.


Zaranga Fullbody


Zaranga Fireball

Zaranga using Fireball.

  • Rush: Zaranga can run at a moderate speed.
  • Belly Ram: Zaranga can ram into her opponents with her stomach without do any harm to herself. Her belly is strong like a wrecking ball and can send even stronger monsters flying back aways. Spikes, beams, blades and missiles also seem to deflect or bounce off from her stomach.
  • Fireball: Zaranga can fire out fireballs from her mouth. They are at missile strength.
  • Flight: Zaranga can fly using energy propullution.


  • Fireworks Scent: Zaranga cannot stand the smell of fireworks.


Yee. Which is we have to stick together too. Don't wanna get hurt now, do we? „ 

— Zaranga to Gallibon.


  • Her name is sometimes mistranslated to as "Salanca".
  • Zaranga is the first female Ultra kaiju to get a page on WZRP.
  • She is the only non-Gamoran thus far on "Gamoni's Gang".