Zarkorr the Invader
Used by
Ulpra, Zilla Jr., IguanaGoji
Giant Reptilian Alien
180 ft.
Tachyons (formerly)
Alien Kaiju

Zarkorr is an reptilian alien kaiju and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.

He is partners with Kraa.


Zarkorr is more brutal then Kraa and a little more smarter. He can stick around in a fight for a while and hates losing, so much so he'll take down anyone with him. He's somewhat of a sore loser when that happens. He's also somewhat quick to anger.


Zarkorr was a monster from space who had come in contact with the Tachyons and was later taken in by them. He had dormant for quite some time until the Tachyons decided to use him for the newest invasion plan.

Zarkorr first appeared in RP when he was sent to help his comrade Kraa to fight against Ulpra and Raban, and later Zilla Jr. (Lostverse). Him and Kraa put up a good fight, but they were defeated.

Zarkorr reappeared (along with Kraa) to destroy the city of Phoenix, Arizona. Initially Zarkorr had wanted Kraa to do most of the monster fighting while he would do most of the city smashing, but once IguanaGoji came he changed his mind. Zarkorr fought IguanaGoji hard, harming him greatly. Zarkorr enjoyed beating IguanaGoji and even after Kraa left, he wanted to stay behind just to inflict more pain on IguanaGoji. He was later stopped when IguanaGoji and DesireeGoji set off an explosion around him, causing him to retreat.

Both him and Kraa showed up to attack an island, where he ganged up Zilla Jr. (Lostverse) and Neo SMG. Once Cyber-Zilla and Zilla Jr. (Lostverse) were brainwashed into following the Tachyons, he roared victoriously and then left. He also participated in the final battle for the Tachyons. During the middle of the battle however, he was freed from the Tachyon mind control and retreated along with Kraa afterwards.

His current whereabouts (along with Kraa) are unknown.


  • Energy Bolts: Zarkorr can fire missile-strength bolts of blue energy from his eyes. 
  • Invincibility: Despite looking organic, Zarkorr is actually made up of raw energy, meaning Zarkorr is literally invincible to all Earth weapons from basic rockets, missiles, rockets and even nuclear weapons.


  • Energy Bolt Deflection: If Zarkorr's energy beams are reflected back at him, they will most likely fatally injure him or possibly even kill him.


  • He is the second monster the Tachyons sent out.
  • He currently has no theme.