Lorekeeper Zinnia
Used by
Her Pokemon Team, Some Trainers
N/A yet
1.8 Meters or 5.9 feet
not needed
Pokemon Trainers, was Team Magma/Aqua


Not Very Many know on Zinnia's all, but in the Delta Episode of Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, she attempting to stop the use of an ancient weapon to destroy a meteor that is hurdleing towards hoenn, although "Asking politely" failed, she continued to persist until she smashed the machine that activates it in general, she leads the main character to Sky Pillar to battle Rayquaza and capture it (as this is mandatory) after she summons it, it dosent mega evolve to her command, but eats the player's meteor that they got somewhere around the lava mountian place in the 1st quarter of the game, and they battle rayquaza so they can capture it, then they fly to battle deoxys, after blowing up the meteor, when you return to earth, she is nowhere to be seen, and she cannot be found, now after about a month of silence, she returned to public, chooseing a new team of pokemon, starting a new journey.

Pokemon Team

  1. Salamence, Item: Salamencite
  2. Exploud, Name: Aster, Item: None
  3. Altaria, Item: None
  4. Goodra, Item: None
  5. Noivern, Item: None
  6. Tyrantrum, Item: None


Zinnia is known for having a Random personality, shifting between crazy and normal at random times, acting Crazy mostly when she is fighting/about to fight, but her normal personality is perky, fun, and playing games, and playing with her pokemon, she is freindly alot of the time, and had a desire to become a well known pokemon trainer, while staying loyal to her Lorekeeper role, she doesn't have a wish to capture legendarys, though she does wish to bond with some.

Why She Began a new journey

She began a new journey to bond with new pokemon, but her old party still remains in her PC



  • Pokemon
  • Heroes
  • Legendarys
  • Shinys
  • Strategies (adapting to her opponents moves and using Pokemon based on that)
  • Catching ANY pokemon


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