Zone Fighter
Used by
X Jay's Wing X
ReginaGoji, Go G Moguera
CenturyGoji, Clover, CenturyGhido, Rosa Biollante, Female SpaceGodzilla, Neo Spacegodzilla, Kujak, Spyler, Wargilgar, Jikiro
82 meters
Zone Family
Zone Fighter Character

Hikaru Sakimori, also known as Zone Fighter 2007, is a defender of Earth and a role-play character used by X Jay's Wing X.


Zone Fighter 2007 is an Earth Defender, and will do whatever it takes to protect the planet from dangers. Zone Fighter 2007 is ruthless in combat with kaiju, dodging around and aggressively attacking. Zone Fighter 2007 especially holds a grudge against anything associated with the Garoga, who destroyed his planet of Peaceland long ago.



Zone Fighter 2007's first appearance in RP was during the Revenge for DesireeGoji arc, during Part 1. When a massive battle was happening in the city of San Francisco, California, Zone Fighter 2007 decided to help. Appearing through a TV set, Zone Fighter 2007 quickly punched Spyler and fought with both him and Neo SpaceGodzilla during the fierce battle.


  • Zone Fighter 2007 can fire the Meteor Proton Beam from the antennae on top of his head. The Meteor Proton Beam uses a lot of Zone's energy. It can destroy some Terro-Beasts in one shot.
  • Zone Fighter 2007 is capable of unleashing barrages of missiles called the Meteor Missiles in an attack called Meteor Missile Might that are strong enough to destroy most Terro-Beasts. This is one of Zone Fighter's strongest attacks, as it was used as his finishing move quite often.
  • Zone Fighter 2007 can spray a calming mist called the Subduing Mist before dealing the final to his opponents.
  • Zone Fighter 2007 can release a Plasma Capsule to shock nearby opponents.
  • Zone Fighter 2007 is able to release a stream of arrow-like projectiles from his hands that will slice through their target.
  • Zone Fighter 2007 can achieve flight in the same manner that Jet Jaguar can, by raising his arms in a 'Y' shape and levitating off the ground. Zone Fighter can fly at Mach 2.
  • Zone Fighter 2007 is able to teleport through a broadcast from a TV set to wherever a battle may be taking place.


  • After sustaining heavy damage, Zone Fighter will be put in a weaker state that can be undone by having his energy replenished.

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