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Lushan, Saladini, Osoros, RabanGoji, Sugon, Gyottos, Skoswa, Kowiko, Rozan
Rekker, Hitodah
Peanut-like Monster
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"Forgotten Monsters", Earth Defenders
Manga Kaiju

Zottos (ゾットス Zottosu?) is a peanut-like kaiju and a member of the Forgotten Monsters. He is an RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Zottos is a brainy and highly intelligent monster, arguably the smartest of the Forgotten Monsters. At times he tends to be a little stubborn or skeptical, but he's rarely mean about it.



Back in the 1950's, Zottos was one of the many monsters that went up to Lushan's Island and became part of a group that later known as the "Forgotten Monsters" due to the fact they soon fell into obscurity.

Debut: Forgotten Monsters Pt. 1

Many years later, Rozan washed up the shores of their island and later introduced/met up with the Forgotten Monsters. Zottos was intrigued by the newcomer and kindly welcomed Rozan. Zottos partook in the fight against Rekker and his clique members. After defeating Rekker and his clique members, Zottos celebrated along with the rest of the Forgotten Monsters.

Forgotten Monsters Pt. 2

Zottos helped build the raft for the Rozan, to which he used his telekinetic powers to help build it with. Zottos also participated in the attack against Hitodah, in where he used his telekinetic powers to throw some boulder at Hitodah, which Hitodah just threw back at Zottos though. Zottos was temporarily under Hitodah's mind control when Hitodah sprayed his pink gas at the Forgotten Monsters, causing them to turn against the Godzillans. Zottos was soon freed from the mind control though when it was discovered that coconut milk was the cure for Hitodah's pink gas.

Zottos as well as the other monsters later celebrated the defeat of Hitodah. Afterwards, Zottos joined on the raft with the other Forgotten Monsters to help Rozan get back home.


  • Physical Strength: Though Zottos may not be as strong as Gyottos, Skoswa or their chieftain Lushan, he is still a capable force to reckon with on his own. He also knows a few martial arts. 
    Zottos punching

    Zottos attacks a building.

  • Telekinetics: Zottos can levitate heavy objects by pointing at them.


  • He currently has no theme.
  • Zottos is also sometimes known as "Zottosu".

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